No, this is not a setup for a joke.

Watching a cowboy walk his horse around inside a store is not something you see every day, but when it does happen, I would expect it to be at a Tractor Supply store in a place like Elk City, Oklahoma.

When a man went to buy feed for his horse, he apparently didn't want to leave it tied up in the parking lot so he asked store employees if he could bring his horse inside with him. He said, "I'm a senior here to buy senior horse feed for my senior horse, can he come in?" according to Robin Morris who was in the store at the time.

Morris said the Tractor Supply employees said they needed to ask their boss first. The manager said that their sign out front does say all pets are welcome as long as they are on a leash, and technically since a bridle is a leash for a horse, he allowed it!

So in comes the Oklahoma cowboy with his beautiful horse in tow.

Turns out Texans are also fond of bringing their horses into places of business. Back in 2016, a man and his horse named Hollywood worked up quite the appetite after competing in the rodeo in Commerce, Texas so they decided to hit up the local Taco Bell:

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