If you think your neighbors are awful, check out what this woman allegedly did this week.

I remember people would be furious if a dog pooped in their yard. I personally don't care, if your dog has to go, they have to go. Over in San Angelo, local police are investigating a possible animal cruelty case. Christel Deller claims that her dog was poisoned by her neighbor.

She believes this because this neighbor allegedly told her fiancé that she was sick of dogs and cats using her yard for their business. She said she would be putting out deterrents to prevent this from happening. This is all hearsay, but Christel's Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix Tiny began throwing up the other night. She said sometimes Tiny eats too quick and vomits up her food, but it just wouldn't stop this time.

She rushed her dog to the vet and they did blood work that determined Tiny had ingested antifreeze. The vets couldn't do anything and sadly Tiny had to be put to sleep. Christel says she saw Tiny hanging out by her neighbor's mailbox earlier in the day and got sick about 10-15 minutes later.

Her fiancé found a foil tray with cut up hot dogs in it with some kind of liquid. Christel believes this was the antifreeze that killed her dog. The San Angelo police are currently investigating this case.They said, "The San Angelo Police Department takes allegations of this type very seriously. We ask for your patience as we properly investigate this incident.

The Department is urging members of the public not to contact any parties involved in the ongoing investigation. Any threats made to the involved parties could result in an investigation and criminal charges may be pursued."

We will see if anything happens in this case and if charges could be filed for animal cruelty against the neighbor.

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