To a dog getting rescued, that person adopting them is a hero. To these dogs, this woman is the entire Justice League combined. 

Over in Carrolton, Texas, Virginia Hale has been working hard with her local animal shelter. It all started about two years ago when she read one of her friend's blogs about animals having to be put down and Virgina couldn't sit by and let this continue to happen.

So she has been leaving photos at local dog day cares hoping families will see the photos and have some extra room at home for another member of the family. It worked out, several dogs got adopted this way. Virginia also puts the photos of the dogs online and has gotten people to adopt them from across the country.

Virgina has gone as far as to pay for flights for the dogs to go be in their new home. One time, she even drove a dog across the country to meet a new family. She has been so successful, the animal shelter has not euthanized a dog in two years.

Great job Virginia. If we had one of you at every animal shelter, no dog would get euthanized ever again.