Has science gone too far? We delve deep into a new pizza hitting Wichita Falls in a few weeks.

I need to start out this story by saying Stone Oven has the best pizza in Wichita Falls. However, they might have gone too far with their latest creation. Be hold, the Thanksgiving pizza.

Some of you maybe asking, why? I believe the hard workers at Stone Oven are saying, why not? Stone Oven is not afraid to try new things with their pizza. They have some pretty awesome combinations downtown, but for once, I think they might have gone too far.


Don't get mad at me Stone Oven, I love you guys. I just don't know about green bean casserole and mashed potatoes on a pizza. This could be a don't knock it til you try it type thing. It will be available only the week of Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving day is excluded). So if you want your Thanksgiving meal in pizza form, you know where to go.

By the way, I'm trying to find an example of a Thanksgiving pizza from the ultimate pizza fans, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I can' find one time where they did this. If they did, please correct me. I'm just trying to say if the Ninja Turtles wouldn't do this, I wouldn't do this.

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Hopefully everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and if you want a 'normal' pizza. Stone Oven has plenty of delicious options for you as well.

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