While we’ve all been enveloped by the riots and robbery in Ferguson, MO and the tragic beheading of an American at the hands of terrorist thugs in Iraq, the border issue has raged on.  And if you think the border issue is a product of the 21st century, think again.  This issue has been at our front door for quite a long time.  Take, for instance, the YouTube video below from our friend Jesse Lee Peterson.  This video was made at a Prop 187 rally in 1996 in Los Angeles.

Prop 187 was a ballot initiative put before the voters of California in 1994 to put the brakes on illegal immigration and prevent those in the state illegally from accessing state welfare programs.  The unidentified male that an Univision reporter is questioning has obviously been attacked.  The reporter immediately tries to play the race card.

By the way, Prop 187 has never been enforced and according to a Slate poll, in 2010, 6.8 percent of California’s population was made up of illegal immigrants; more than 2.5 million people.  That’s about double the number in 1994.

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