Too early for Christmas? Not when it comes to ice cream.

You can call me a Grinch, but I hate seeing Christmas things in October. I've accepted the fact that Christmas takes over the month of November. Sorry to all the Thanksgiving lovers like myself, that is now Christmas Part 1. I will never allow Christmas to invade Halloween. I should not be seeing pumpkin decorations next to Christmas trees at the store. Stop doing this!


However, I guess we have an exception to my rule. I did get excited today when I saw that the Blue Bell Christmas Cookies flavor is shipping today. If you have not had it before it's all the classic Christmas cookies in one flavor. Chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and sugar. Since it's Christmas, red sprinkles and a green icing swirl are also mixed in.

With it being 2020, I'm prepared for the worst news always. My favorite Christmas things are already being taken away from me this year. Christmas Tree Cakes from Little Debbie are delayed. The Charlie Brown Christmas Special won't be on TV this year. At least Blue Bell doesn't let us down.


I think I want to try my ultimate fat guy dessert this weekend. Make some actual chocolate chip cookies and put this new ice cream in between it for the ultimate cookie sandwich. Yeah, cookie monster from 'Sesame Street' would be quite happy with my awesome idea.


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