Blue Bell just upped the ante in the ice cream game.

The beloved Texas creamery is known for regularly rolling out innovative ice cream flavors like the new Strawberry Lemonade flavor they introduced last month.

But now they’ve done something even more innovative with their new pint koozies. Just like pretty much everything else Blue Bell does, the pint koozies turned out to be a huge hit, completely selling out in just a matter of days.

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The good news is that more are on the way later this month.

The koozies are available in Homemade Vanilla, Cookie Two Step, and Strawberry. I think I would have to go with either Cookie Two Step or Homemade Vanilla, two of my favorite flavors (even though I waffle when it comes to what my favorite flavor is because they’re all so damn good).

Personally, I love the idea. The koozie will come in super handy on those hot days when you’re out at the lake. The 100+ degree Texas heat will melt a pint of ice cream in a heartbeat and you and I both know it’ll never be the same after that.

So, keep an eye out at the Blue Bell Country Store for when the next shipment arrives, because you know they aren’t going to be around for long.

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