Well this is pretty cool, Tom Hanks not only got these kids letters, but he actually sent them something back.

Kids nowadays don't know how hard it used to be. Do kids even know what a typewriter is? I can tell you for sure that the students at Heights High School in Houston do. Apparently a teacher named Donna Kay Mergese was teaching her class to type. Not on a computer, on an old school typewriter. The students actually typed out letters and mailed them to actor Tom Hanks.

Why Tom Hanks? Apparently, he is a typewriter collector. I had no idea about this, but he has a collection of over 100 in his house. Tom took the time to type out a letter using one from his collection and responded to the class. "Keep those kids writing letters!" Hanks told teacher Donna Kay Mergese. "There is nothing better than getting/sending a missive."

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I'm not going to lie to you. I didn't know what a missive was. It's apparently "a letter, especially a long or official one." Learn something new every day and that's mine for today. In the video above, you can see Tom Hanks going through some of his collection.


My mom still used a typewriter when I was a kid, I remember the sounds that thing used to make. That little chime when you hit the end of a line will be burned into my brain for life. I think typewriters made us all better writers back in the day. You thought twice about what you were typing because God forbid you make a mistake. No delete key on that thing. Bust out the White Out or start over.

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