If you love Troy might as well grab a can of his signature beer.

I'm one of those people that can drink any beer, I have about 5 I would never want to try again. However, I'm always looking to try something new. How about a beer from one of my favorite Dallas Cowboys of all time? NFL Hall of Famer and current Fox analyst, Troy Aikman just announced his very own beer.

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Now what would Troy call his beer? Eight, that's right his jersey number is the name of the beer. It is supposed to start shipping to bars and restaurants in February and then will go to stores sometime in March. "Eight is for the drinker who consistently puts in the hard work. These folks, myself included, are conscious of what we put in our bodies, and options for a light, refreshing beer that’s brewed with organic ingredients are virtually non-existent," Aikman said in a statement.

Aikman said he has been working to make the perfect beer with a team of brewers for two years. Aikman says the beer will only be available in Texas and I give that big hell yeah!


I know Jerry has a big deal with Miller Lite, but it would be nice if certain beer stands in AT&T Stadium could carry this next season. Also if any liquor stores in town get this let me know. I will gladly give you my money.

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