The U.S. Postal Service has caught a lot of grief over the years for everything from postage rates to failure to deliver letters and packages on time. A few years ago, I spent over $25 to ‘overnight’ a letter, only to find out it actually took 3 days to arrive. When I inquired about why I was told it could be done overnight and was not, well, I was basically told to shut up and move on.

One Dallas area woman recently discovered that the postal service also frowns upon Amazon utilizing your mailbox at your home if the package didn’t ship through the Postal Service itself.

Linda McSweeney says when she checked her mailbox after getting a notification from Amazon that her package was delivered, it was empty. She then found a note on her doorstep that said the package was confiscated by the U.S. Postal Service.

McSweeney was told by Amazon that the company used a delivery service called “Amazon Logistics.”

McSweeney told NBC 5, "No one is supposed to use your mailbox other than the postal service," she said the manager told her. "I said, 'But this is my mailbox, right?' He said, 'It's your mailbox, but it's our conveyance device.'"

If taking the package wasn't bad enough, McSweeney says she was forced to pay a fee to get it back. This amounts to nothing less than a legitimized form of extortion. The whole, sad story is in this video below:

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