Bill Lockwood continues interviewing workers in Wichita Falls when it comes to the vaccine mandates in our city.

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Bill Lockwood is the host of American Liberty which you can listen to on NewsTalk 1290 and 96.3 FM Saturday mornings at 11 AM. You can check out some of his previous interviews here on the subject. I reached out to Bill to ask him about this week's show and the topics he discussed, here is what he had to say.

The opinions in the following segments do not represent United Regional and these comments are the people's own opinions.
Now Covid "Vaccines" are being pushed on ages 5-10 years old--one of the least affected age brackets. Special Guests:
1. Derek Ruvalcaba: From United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX
2. Christina Roberson: Health Information Manager at UR in Wichita Falls
Segments Include:
1. Vaccine Madness!: Going through a long list of world-class doctors who have sounded the warning about the vaccines--particularly regarding the "mandates" that the US Government seems intent on pressing, including Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Michael Yaedon, Dr. Lee Merritt, and many others.
One particular item needs to be noted: As of NOV 3 the CDC actually altered the definition of "vaccine" because of concern the definition didn't apply to COVID-19 vaccines. This shows ONE THING: that the government-sponsored CDC is aware that the "shot" that has been mandated really WAS NOT A VACCINE AT ALL, but just as numerous doctors have pointed out--a genetic mutator!
2. Derek Ruvalcaba, a bold spokesman for freedom from Wichita Falls; and Christina Roberson, a concerned hospital worker in WF, speak out plainly regarding: (1) The politics that are behind the mandates; (2) The need for Wichitans and Texans to press Gov. Abbott to call a special session of Congress in Austin to actually "legislate" that there be no mandates in Texas;  (3) The potential dangers of children becoming "vaccinated"--as is already occurring in Wichita Falls. (4) The lack of solid clinical trials regarding the roll-out of the so-called vaccines; (5) The shortage of staff-workers at the hospital--not simply in clinical care-- but in housekeeping and other areas of important support--all of which should cause the concerned citizen to get involved in the fight for freedom to choose whether you wish the jab or not.

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