The world needs more people like the guy in this video.

A man in Austin saved a woman’s life when he quickly sprung to action after her ex-boyfriend pulled a gun on her.

According to KVUE, 41-year-old Gavin Rush approached the bar where she was working at Anderson Mill Pub in Austin at around 11:37 am on Saturday, November 26, laid a leather satchel on the bar, and asked if she would talk to him. When she refused, he pulled a gun from the satchel and pointed it at her.

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That’s when the man sitting next to him at the bar immediately grabbed the gun. A shot was fired but missed the woman and shattered the mirror behind her. The man and another customer were able to wrestle the shooter to the ground and disarm him.

One of the customers said Rush tried to shoot himself in the head when they were going to the ground, but the hero, who wished to remain anonymous, put his finger between the trigger and guard to keep it from firing.

Rush was arrested and charged with a second-degree felony. He was released less than 2 days later on a $40,000 bond, which is hard to fathom. Why in the world would you release someone two days after they attempted to kill a person?

Anyway, thank God those two men were there or the whole thing could have ended tragically.

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