The vibes are high once again and I absolutely love it!


Hell yeah I am bringing Victory Monday posts back! Especially after yesterday's game almost gave me a heart attack once again. I swear, I will die watching this team play football one day, but yesterday was not that day. Cowboys fans have been down in the dumps since getting embarrassed on prime time football last week.

The Dallas Cowboys were literally the only team in the NFL that did not score a touchdown in week one. Starting quarterback Dak Prescott goes down and is out several weeks with a broken thumb. The offense looked terrible in week one and with a backup coming in against the AFC champions. Things were not looking good, but a wait minute.

Cooper Rush came in for the Cowboys last year and got a big win on the road in Minnesota. He can manage a game and not make stupid mistakes, right? Well yesterday, the Cowboys started off HOT! Opening drive goes 75 yards and taking almost half the time of the first quarter in for a touchdown.

Now last week, defense was not an issue for the Cowboys. Especially in the red zone. They held the Buccaneers to several field goals while in the red zone last week. The opening drive for the Bengals also ended in a field goal. Cowboys get the ball back and they're driving down the field again. This time with a huge pass to Noah Brown for over 45 yards and then another pass to Tony Pollard who got dropped on the one yard line. He would run it in for a one yard touchdown on the next play.

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The second quarter defenses woke the hell up. Cowboys held the Bengals to zero points and the Cowboys put up another three points before half. Cowboys leading 17-3 at half, which I don't think anybody saw coming. The Cowboys had to play smart and not doing anything stupid with how close this game is.

The Cowboys would have a fumble in the third quarter, but thankfully the defense got a three plays and out on that very next drive against the Bengals offense. The Bengals were able to put up two more field goals as well in this third quarter. Getting us to a 17-9 score. Meaning the Bengals need a touchdown and two point conversion just to tie the game.

The Bengals were able to drive in the fourth quarter for almost nine minutes with the ball. They secured the touchdown and two point conversion to get the tie. Cowboys get the ball back and punt on their next drive. Oh boy, here we go again. The defense was just on the field for the majority of the fourth quarter and were looking gassed on the last Bengals drive and the offense barely gave them a break.

On a third and three Trevon Diggs came in for clutch textbook tackle on a short pass to force the Bengals to punt. I know Diggs hasn't had the interceptions that he had last season so far, but that tackle was huge! With 57 seconds left in the game, the Cowboys were able to drive the team into field goal range.

The Cowboys were missing extra points last season, so I know never to get my hopes up with the kicking game. I am so happy Greg Zuerlien is nowhere near this team this season. No one in the NFL missed more extra points last year than him. The other two guys who were near the same ballpark in misses last year were cut by their teams during the season.

The Cowboys new kicker Brett Maher was able to make a 50 yard field goal as time expired to win the game. The Cowboys are back on prime time this coming week against the New York Giants. The game is set for 7:15 this Monday and getting a divisional win here would be huge, especially since the Giants are currently 2-0 on the season. Be sure to check out some photos from Sunday's big win below.

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