Yeah, I took Christmas off, but let's take a look back on the Cowboys win on Saturday.

Let's be honest with each other Cowboys fans. The game did not start how we wanted it to. The Eagles drove down the field to start the game, thankfully the defense was able to hold them to a field goal in the red zone. However, Philly had several big plays on that opening drive. Then Dallas gets the ball and Dak Prescott throws an interception that turned into a touchdown for the Eagles. Not how you want to start a game.

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The next drive, the Boys got it done on the ground. Dak did not try to force anything. If the pass wasn't there, he took the damn ball himself and got several first downs running the ball. Dallas keeps the ball on the ground and runs into the end zone to get onto the board. Dallas D comes up with a stop and the Cowboys get the ball back. Time for Dak to use that arm once again. This time lobbing one up to CeeDee Lamb who pulls the spin move like in Madden sending an Eagles player flying.

Dallas takes the lead with that score. However, Philadelphia wasn't going to let this game get out of hand. They drive down the field on their next drive and put the Eagles up 17-14. The next drive was all CeeDee Lamb, I believe he had three catches all for first downs to get the Cowboys in field goal range to tie this thing up at 17. Philly would take the lead on their next drive before half as they were able to get into field goal range. Philly also got the ball after halftime.

Philly went for it on a fourth down on their opening drive and Dallas was playing the run. Devontae Smith was wide open in the end zone for the Eagles giving them a 27-17 lead. Dallas would settle for a field goal on their next drive, but the Eagles next drive is when I believe momentum started going in the Cowboys way.

Philly had a bad hand off and Jayron Kearse scooped that ball up. If Gardner Minshew doesn't get that tackle, that ball is going to the house easily. Don't worry, thanks to some toe tapping from Michael Gallup on the Boys next drive, they're able to tie this game back up.

Looks like we got ourselves a shootout, because the Eagles would score on their next drive. They also decided to use the Salvation Army kettle in a touchdown celebration. The NFL has fined the Cowboys now SEVERAL times for using that as a prop. I'm hoping Roger Goodell is fining those Eagles players as he has done to the Cowboys in the past. Don't worry though, we got this cool gif out of the situation

This next drive is when I yelled at my television, "I can't believe that just f***ing happened!" Dallas shot themselves in the foot on this drive. Getting themselves into a 3rd and 30 situation. Screw it, we're heaving this ball up and seeing what our newly acquired wide receiver T.Y. Hilton can do. Oh, he's going to get us a fifty yard first down.

Momentum ALL Cowboys after that massive catch. The Cowboys would tie the game with a corner end zone pass to CeeDee Lamb. The next drive for Philly, Dallas keeps the momentum with an interception by Daron Bland. This was not an easy pick. Both players are going for the ball. It's whoever is stronger is winning this match up. Bland was the winner in this fight.

Dallas would have to settle for a field goal on their next drive, but they do have the lead at this moment. Philly gets the ball back and would you believe it. The Eagles turn the ball over AGAIN on the next drive. This time a fumble.

Dallas would settle for a field goal after the fumble recovery. This does mean Philly can win with a touchdown and extra point. Sadly for the Eagles fans out there. It wouldn't happen. I know my man in one of my favorite videos ever is not happy after that game. Watch it below if you have never seen it before.

If you want some more coverage of Saturday's game. You can check out over 200 photos below. Remember you can listen to every Dallas Cowboys game in Wichita Falls on NewsTalk1290 and 106.3 the Buzz.

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