You may have thought this was a place to get selfie accessories, like selfie sticks. Nope, this is a place where you pay money to get the perfect selfie.

Over in the Westbend Shopping Center in Fort Worth, they now have Snap151. A selfie 'museum', which I think they're using pretty loosely. A museum is defined as a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited. I guess you could clarify this as art, but it's not for me. For the price of SIXTEEN dollars, you can go take photos at Snap151.

They have donuts, balloon dogs and a ski lift to sit on. Eight different installations exist for you to enjoy. As of right now, Snap151 is only open in January. It is open seven days a week in the Westbend Shopping Center. Kathryn Wingenter checked it out with her three friends. You may think this is for young teens, but Katherine is actually in her early twenties.

"I feel like we're kind of in the middle. There's an age of people above us kind of making fun of this, but there are people below us who are taking it really seriously," said Wingenter. "It's just funny that there's an entire place dedicated to eight different backdrops for an Instagram picture."

Call me crazy, but I'm not paying sixteen dollars for a selfie museum. I hope this doesn't become a trend in 2019. If so, I already hate this year and we're just over a week into it.

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