Justin Timberlake recently found himself in some hot water after encouraging people to get out and vote this year. It wasn't because of who he was voting for, though. The 'Sexy Back' singer took a selfie of himself early voting in Tennessee and in doing so accidentally broke the law.

Tennessee is one of many states that have made it illegal to take picture or record audio in a polling place. With the election coming up on November 8th, and early voting already taking place, Texans may be wondering if they are able to snap a selfie when they step into the voting booth.

According to ABC News, Texas's voting selfie regulations are a bit unclear. You see, the laws have bared photography withing 100 feet of any polling station, so the traditional voting selfie isn't legal, but there's no laws against taking pictures of your ballot outside of the polling station. Basically, if you have a mail-in ballot you can snap all the pics you want, as long as you are doing it away from where everyone else votes

Complex News breaks it down even more for how different states have different regulations.

Drew's "I Voted" Selfie
Drew's "I Voted" Selfie

So, even though you have to leave the camera at home, make sure you get out and make your voice heard on or before November 8th. You can find more info about local Wichita Falls elections in our 2016 Texoma Voting Guide.

Don't worry about getting that great profile pic in the voting booth. You'll still get that rad sticker and can snap your selfie in the car, 100 feet away after. Hey, if it worked for me, it can work for you, too!

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