It’s bad enough when a home is burglarized.  It’s disgusting when the victim of such a crime is a World War II veteran.

On Tuesday, Wichita Falls Police Officer Matt Bailey responded to a report of a burglary where a lawmower was stolen out of a garage. The victim, William "Bill" Reed is an 89 year old World War II veteran. Mr. Reed’s wife of 65 years just recently passed away. Officer Bailey decided he had to do something more to help Mr. Reed.

Officer Bailey contacted Officer Tammy Rice, president of the Wichita Falls Police Officers Association, who along with Officer Brian Bohn with Crime Stoppers got in touch with Home Depot. Home Depot generously donated a self-propelled lawnmower to Mr. Reed. On Wednesday, Officer Bailey, members of the Wichita Falls Police Officers Association and Crime Stoppers delivered the lawnmower to Mr. Reed and thanked him for his service.

And we, too, thank Mr. Bill Reed for his service.