One bite, everybody knows the rules.

If you ever need something to watch, go check out Barstool Sports. They're putting out amazing content daily and one of their more popular series is the One Bite Pizza Reviews. Last year I did a story on the One Bite app and their rankings for pizza places in Wichita Falls. However, a ranking doesn't really mean much unless Dave Portnoy gives it himself.

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He often disagrees with the fan rankings on the app. Now the vast majority of the pizza reviews are in the New York area because that is where Barstool is currently located. However, Dave does travel a lot and does have many reviews in other states. He currently films a lot of them in states that have legalized sports book gambling. Maybe one day Texas will allow us to have that, until then, we wait for more reviews.

By the way, Dave now has his own One Bite frozen pizzas for sale at Walmart. I bought two, they're not too bad. Not the best frozen pizza I have ever had, but it's above average. Below are all the Texas reviews I could find. Hopefully we can add some more to the list in the future.

  • 1

    Julian's Pizzeria San Antonio

  • 2

    Home Slice - Austin

    6.4 Maybe a 5.8 People Looking: 8.4
  • 3

    Pizzaritas San Antonio

  • 4

    Big Lou's Pizza San Antonio

  • 5

    Villa Italy, Houston

    No Score, Technically 10 for Totinos

    I know Dave was just having fun with this one because at the time they had a deal with Totinos. Just sucks this place never got a score.

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