With pizza being one of the undeniably most popular foods in the country, knowing where to find the best pizza is a necessity for all households. 

So what goes into determining the best pizza place in each state? Just like the best donuts list, Yelp designed an algorithm that looked at number of reviews and each business's star rating. So what ended up being the most popular pizza place in Texas? Well, are you going to be in Houston any time soon?


Hot Toppings Pizza in Houston took the top spot for Texas, advertising free toppings and pizzas cooked in just three minutes. From their official website,

Hot Toppings offers a simple one-price pizza or salad without charging for toppings.

Customers are able to build their pizza and salad their way or select from a few standard pizza creations.  Most pizzas cook in less than 3 minutes!

Fresh Produce means fresher salads.  Hot Toppings offers salad ingredient options on par or better than top restaurants.

Hot Toppings creates daylight from others through its selection of hot sauces.  The optional specialty hot sauces contribute toward the “Hot” at various heat ratings enjoyed by customers.

The atmosphere at Hot Toppings delivers the best in fast-casual dining demonstrated by engaged well trained team members, high-quality ingredients, quick service and low cost.

At Hot Toppings, first you pick your pizza size, then choose from five different sauces, six different cheeses, eight different meats, and at least fifteen toppings. And when your meal is wrapped up, take a second to add your name and message to their wall.


What do you think of the rise in high temp/quick cook time pizza places? They seem to be the trend popping up across the country lately, with one in San Francisco willing the World's Best Pizza championship. I'm a classic, New York style loyalist, but I do like the high temps pizzas from time to time.