A Wichita Falls business owner is back in the news facing yet another lawsuit.

Jody Wade and Jody Wade Enterprises, LLC are named in the suit filed in 30th District Court on June 27th.

The Times Record News reports that Ronald and Lisa Burdick of Burkburnett are suing Wade and his company for over $750,000. According to the Times, Ronald Burdick was attending an auction at Jody Wade Enterprises and, while speaking with one of Wade’s employees about a car he had just purchased, was backed over by and then dragged by another vehicle driven by another of Wade’s employees.

The suit alleges that both the employee and management were negligent and seeks damages for ”…reasonable and necessary medical care and expenses, physical pain and suffering, physical and mental impairment, mental anguish, loss of past wages and future loss of earning capacity “ as well as “loss of consortium to his family relationships in the past and future”.

Burdick’s wife, Lisa, is seeking additional damages as well.

Last year, a former employee of Jody Wade Enterprises, James Clayton Baxter, sued Wade over allegations of sexual harassment. Baxter dropped the suit in December. Wade was arrested last November by Texas DPS for driving while intoxicated and illegal possession of a firearm.

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