A lawsuit has been filed by a former employee of Jody Wade Enterprises, claiming Wade sexually harassed the plaintiff.

Wichita Falls resident Clayton Baxter filed the suit against Jody Wade Enterprises, LLC in 78th District Court.  The suit states that Baxter worked for Wade’s company as a marketing manager from October 24, 2016 to February 8, 2017. Baxter alleges that Wade ‘sexually harassed and preyed upon him’. The suit also alleges that Wade knew Baxter was a felon and therefore in a vulnerable position and that his employment with Jody Wade Enterprises was terminated because he refused to have a sexual relationship with Wade.

The suit states that Baxter was coerced into joining ‘board meetings’ with Wade and another man identified as Carl Pittman. The suit states that Wade and Pittman would smoke cigarettes and drink and that Wade would become ‘enraged’ when Baxter would resist joining in. The suit also alleges that on multiple occasions during board meetings and trips to New York, Las Vegas and Dallas, that Wade would try to hug or touch Baxter in some way. During a trip to New York, Baxter alleges that Wade came to his room and jumped into the bed with Baxter, hugging him and ‘wrapping his body’ around him.

Baxter is seeking damages of up to $1 million dollars in the suit. Wade, along with the City of Wichita Falls, was sued by another Wichita Falls businessman in 2015 alleging that the city had created a ‘towing monopoly’ by suspending non-consent towing rotations and awarding towing contracts to Big Daddy’s Wrecker Services, Collins and Donnie’s Towing, all of which are owned by Jody Wade Enterprises, LLC.

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