The recent rains have been more of a benefit to our reservoirs than anyone could have ever hoped.  The photo above was taken just over one year ago, but what a difference just one month has made:

Lake Arrowhead-50.2%

Lake Kickapoo-64.5 %

According to Lake Kemp stands at 39.4 %

Current combined total of Kickapoo and Arrowhead is 54.1 %

The change in just 30 short days is nothing short of miraculous.  On April 18, Arrowhead was at 19.8 %, Kickapoo at 28.1 % and Kemp at 25.2 %.  Water continues to flow down the Little Wichita River to Kickapoo and Arrowhead.  Arrowhead has been the city’s primary source of water since 1967.  The direct potable reuse project is expected to remain in operation even if lakes refill to pre-drought levels.

The reuse water has accounted for approximately 5 million gallons of the city’s daily 12 million gallon water usage.  The pipeline will be buried and re-routed to Lake Arrowhead in the near future.  More rain is forecast over the next 7 days, with the best chances coming Tuesday into Wednesday of this week.

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