Got faith in the Boys to make the big game this year?

It's almost my favorite time of the year, football season. Two more preseason games and then we got regular season action. I can't wait! I think this season depends on how healthy Dak is for the Cowboys. If we can keep him healthy, I think anything is possible. How far do you think the Cowboys can go this year?

In the words of my old roommate from college Ryan, "I'm a realist, we're going to the Super Bowl." I'll never forget the first time he said that to me, granted we were pretty drunk at the time. Maybe you think the Cowboys can go all the way this year. If they do, you have a chance to get some free furniture.

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I saw an ad for Ashley Furniture in El Paso and they're doing something called the “Play For It All” offer. If the Cowboys make the Super Bowl (they don't have to win, just be the NFC team) they will get free furniture. “Customers who choose to participate and have purchased items 8/19/2021-8/23/2021 will receive a rebate equal to the purchase price of qualifying merchandise on the sales receipt, excluding sales tax and delivery.”

I called our Ashley Furniture here in Wichita Falls and they said they're doing an offer on those days as well. Spend at least $1,500 in furniture between 8/19-8/23 you have a chance to get that furniture for free IF the Cowboys make the Super Bowl. If you're feeling lucky, go get a new chair for Sundays and who knows. Could be a free chair around February next year.

I do not know if every Ashley Furniture in Texas is doing this offer. They're the official furniture store of the Dallas Cowboys, so I imagine a lot of cities are. Just maybe not the Houston area. You can call the Wichita Falls Ashley at (940) 488-2118 for more info or give them a visit at 4400 Kell E Blvd.

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