Nothing like a good old fashioned road trip with the boys. However, things got a little eerie late last night while driving through Oklahoma.

Barstool Sports is Road Tripping to the Super Bowl!

Well some of the guys from Barstool Sports are currently on their way to Las Vegas for Super Bowl. Many have the pleasure to take the five hour flight from Chicago to Las Vegas. Others however are taking the 26 HOUR DRIVE. I personally love a road trip, but my max is 12 hours. Anything over that is worth a plane ticket in my opinion. However some of the guys in Barstool lost a bet and that's the punishment.


I have stared at this picture several times and wondered why you would want to travel to Texas to get to Las Vegas from Chicago. Yeah, that adds several hours to your road trip. Why on Earth would you want to do that?

Buc-ee's Is On The Way On This Journey

Traveling through Texas and Oklahoma gets you to stop at the best gas station in the world. Buc-ee's! For many on the trip it was their first time and it lived up to the hype. This particular Buc-ee's was in Tulsa and once the crew hit Oklahoma City. Something weird happened.

Oklahoma UFO?

What the hell was going on in Oklahoma City last night? The sky is turning all sorts of colors. Could be aliens, but the guys in the car suspect that it is the lights from the Paycom Center reflecting in the sky.

Photo of the Paycom Center at Night

Miami Heat v Oklahoma City Thunder – Game Two
Getty Images

I guess it is possible that it could be that building or aliens are invading Oklahoma. Anything is possible. Safe travels to the Barstool crew on their way to the Super Bowl. Hopefully that is their only UFO encounter on the way.

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