Rats, vermin, rodents; call them what you like. But since the Black Death wiped out a quarter of Europe in just five short years in the 14th century, mankind has waged a war on rats and the fleas they can carry. You see, it was fleas that hitched rides on rats and gerbils from Asia to Europe that caused various plagues. We’ve made it a mission to kill the little rats. Pun intended.

One Wichita Falls resident has such a massive problem with the four-legged filth that they are crawling all over his home, literally.

Bill Maxwell recently shot a video showing a mischief of large rats climbing from a tree to the roof of his neighbor's home off Southwest Parkway.

"We were sitting here, me and my son, and we were looking across the street," Maxwell told TRN. "We said, 'That's a lot of squirrels. Wait! Those aren't squirrels, they don't got bushy tails.'"

The rodents appear to be entering the attic through a hole in the eave of the roof. The home is reportedly occupied by an elderly man who has refused assistance in ridding his home of the infestation.

Maxwell says that he hasn't had any luck getting help from animal control or the Wichita Falls Health Department and is worried that the rodents could soon start spreading to other neighborhood homes.

The homeowner does not deny having a rat problem and says they are all over the neighborhood and there's nothing that can be done. Animal control has visited the home in the past, taking dozens of animals from the residence.

The video (seen above), which is quickly going viral, is a little disturbing.

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