Time to invest in cat. 

Today is officially the first day of fall. That means cooler temperatures are on the way and some animals won't want to be out in the cold, including those disgusting rats. Wichita County Health officials are warning residents of the problem before the cold weather hits.

Experts say, “They are chewing holes in people’s houses. They're chewing bushes and the gardens. They're digging holes. They climb into the trees and are destructive to the trees. They can get onto your roof from the trees. They are just very destructive.”

They also say they have had a very successful breeding season due to the wetter weather and less of a drought. Great, so the rain we were praying for brought us rats. Wasn't that one of the plagues in the bible? Drought, then rats. OK, it was frogs and locusts. Close enough.

Officials are saying to not have food outside of your residence. If you're feeding birds or squirrels, you're also feeding the rats. Officials say the rats use trees to get onto roofs then find a way into your attic or house. If you have overgrown bushes that are close to the ground they can hide there and dig holes and find a way into your home.

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