The City of Wichita Falls recently rolled out a list of six bond proposals for the May ballot in Wichita Falls. On Thursday, Mayor Stephen Santellana appeared on 'Wake Up Call' to talk about the proposals.

"We've thought about this for a while...the public rollout may seem rushed." Mayor Santellana emphasized that city staff had spent months researching and writing the proposals before council saw the proposals.

Previous councils have, for various reasons, delayed movement on many of these city improvements for decades. Mayor Santellana cited the drought as one reason that the city councils of 2008-2015 felt they could not push bond issues forward.

Projects discussed include the Lake Wichita Revitalization Project, improvements to the MPEC, a new Wichita Falls City offices complex and more. With respect to the Circle Trail and Lake Wichita projects, Santellan said 'it's all about people something to do. These are all quality of life decisions that help people decide if they want to come here or stay here'.


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