Seems like the Mayor of Fort Worth might have a fairly short fuse.

I'm getting some major "Karen" vibes here.

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The video below opens in the middle of the "comments from the public" portion of a recent city council meeting, which is the time when anyone who wants to can sign up and talk about any subject for a predetermined amount of time, usually from three to five minutes.

It's part of the gig

So, during this time, the mayor and city counselors have to simply listen to the person speaking, they don't even have to replay.  These can get pretty hairy because a lot of the comments come from angry and fed-up citizens. Many times, they just want to be heard and sometimes they've tried every other avenue and figured why not go to the top. City officials often get yelled at about things that they have no control over, but hey, it's part of the gig.

Imma head out

So, from what I can make out, the lady at the podium is speaking about the town Mayor Mattie Parker is from, saying that they have an active KKK there.  She also alleges the mayor has a friend in the KKK. Instead of just letting her finish, the mayor stands up and just... leaves.



Just let her finish

She could have just literally waited one more minute for the buzzer to go off, and the lady would have been done.  Take a look:


Emergency phone call?

Now, we don't know what was actually going on here, maybe she got an emergency phone call, but another video has popped up that leads me to believe she might not have the calmest of demeanors:



Who knows, we shouldn't really judge someone based on a couple of videos, but of course, Twitter has its reactions.



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