A Wichita Falls woman is in hot water after she was accused of both obstructing the police, and allegedly threatening to spit in a police officer’s food.

On April 6th, Tina Louise Delgado’s daughter was arrested at her school for alleged possession of drugs.  Delgado was not happy about her child being taken into custody and charged with possession of a controlled substance.  However, she seemed to be angry with the arresting officer, and not her own daughter who was being charged with the crime.

KFDX is reporting that Delgado’s daughter was resisting arrest, when police were taking her out to the patrol car.  Delgado and another man then confronted the arresting officers on the sidewalk outside the school.  After being told to step back, Delgado allegedly advanced on the officer.

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Fortunately, law enforcement was able to diffuse the situation before things got out of hand. Delgado’s daughter was then able to  be put into the patrol car, and transported to a juvenile detention facility.  It is believed that Delgado then pointed her finger at one of the officers, and threatened him.  One officer told KFDX that before he got into the patrol car to drive off, Delgado threatened to spit in his food if she ever saw him in a restaurant that is a chain here in Wichita Falls.

Wichita County Jail
Wichita County Jail

Yesterday (April 19th), law enforcement took 44-year-old Tina Louise Delgado into police custody, and charged her with obstructing an officer, and retaliation.  She has since been released on bond.

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