National sporting goods chain Dick's announced on Monday that they are destroying so-called 'assault-style rifles' pulled from their shelves after the February 25 Parkland, FL school shooting. David Hogg is no doubt giddy over this move. The destroyed weapons are being recycled. Perhaps they'll be reassembled into 'Space Safe' signs for snowflakes?

I don't know exactly what Dick's expects to accomplish with this move? The number of rifles being destroyed in unknown. They say they are "destroying the firearms in accordance with federal guidelines and regulations", according to a Fox News article. How very Soviet.

In addition to their move to no longer sell certain types of semi-automatic rifles, Dick's also now refuses to sell long guns of any type to anyone under 21. State laws generally allow you to purchase long guns at 18. Dick's is facing two lawsuits currently because of its own ban. Wal Mart has also reportedly set the same age restrictions.

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Dick's, you aren't accomplishing anything with this move, aside from driving off many loyal, longtime customers. This isn't going to stop some other half-baked idiot from killing people if he or she has made up their mind to do so. The ONLY thing that will ever stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

You've attracted much national attention, Dick's. Please don't cry foul when it doesn't get you the desired results, whatever those may be.

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