Grab a pillowcase or a very sturdy pumpkin bucket for these neighborhoods. You're going to need it.

Monday is my favorite holiday of the entire year, Halloween of course. Gives me an excuse to dress up as a ninja turtle if I want, watch horror movies, and get a free candy. If you hate Halloween, your negativity is not wanted here. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working hard on Halloween posts related to Wichita Falls.

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Whether it be my list of rules for Wichita Falls Halloween, I will die on the hill that no trick or treat hours exist. Porch light on means you can still knock. Trunk or treat events happening in our city, which we do have a bunch this weekend. The weird crap that people have handed out in Wichita Falls besides candy. Finally, the sex offender map for Wichita Falls. The houses you will want to avoid on Monday.

Today though, we're back to the positive Halloween stories for our city. The best trick or treating neighborhoods. We reached out to you guys and asked what neighborhoods are must visit on Monday. Whether it be the best candy, best decorated houses, or maybe the folks handing out candy get all dressed up every year.

Below are the top responses we got, along with some photos of some pretty cool houses in the neighborhoods. Hopefully everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. Remember to hook your favorite DJ up with some candy as well.

Best Wichita Falls Trick-Or-Treat Neighborhoods

We asked our listeners what are the best neighborhoods in Wichita Falls to trick-or-treat, and they gave us four great areas across town!

The Official Halloween Rules for Wichita Falls

I have taken it upon myself to make a list of rules that EVERYONE should follow on Halloween night. They're broken down for rules for kids and adults. Yes, you must follow every single one for Jack Skellington will come get you on Halloween night.

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