Wichita Falls resident Tiffany 'Pearls' Humpert's incredible transformation was featured on Tuesday night's episode of 'Extreme Weight loss' on ABC.

As a single mother of a teenager with autism, Tiffany is over-scheduled and maxed out. Sacrificing workouts and healthy eating while she tried to balance her busy schedule ultimately backfired, leaving Tiffany exhausted and obese. She started to lose weight in 2011, but hit a wall. She needed some help and called the guys from the ABC show 'Extreme Weight Loss'.

Tiffany's inspiring journey took her from 296 pounds down to 147. That's over 50 percent of her original body weight gone! Good for you Tiffany!

Along with the transformation of her life, Tiffany was also able to fulfill her dream and perform with the Cirque du Soleil performers from La Nouba, in Orlando, which is the show at Downtown Disney.

Tiffany also took part in a high-heel walk with 'Extreme Weigh Loss' personal trainer Chris Powell as a reward for losing 81 pounds in 90-days, exceeding her goal by 6 pounds.

Huge congratulations to Tiffany for losing all that weight!

I know personally that losing weight can be very difficult, I used to weigh around 325 pounds and I was sick of how I looked so I got my fat self into the gym and now weigh around 190. It takes a lot of motivation to go down that much weight, you have to put in a lot of time and effort, and Tiffany here is proof that it's all worth it and the results are amazing.

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If you missed the show and would like to watch it, you can enter your cable or satellite provider information at the ABC website and watch the full 'Extreme Weight Loss episode featuring Tiffany 'Pearls' Humpert from Wichita Falls.

Check Out a Sneak Peek of Pearl's 'Extreme Weight Loss' Episode Below:

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