Thanksgiving is probably the toughest holiday to keep your weight loss goals in mind. 

The one time of the year when no one judges you for stuffing your face. In fact, it's encouraged in many households. Now, I'm not telling you to not eat on this day, but you may want to think about going light on some of these favorites if you want to keep that figure.

  • Brent Hofacker
    Brent Hofacker


    One cup is 500 calories, but let's be honest. Who has just one cup of stuffing?

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    Green Bean Casserole

    Vegetables unhealthy? When it's heavy cream of mushroom soup, cheese, and fried crunchy onion topping. Yeah, sounds healthy with the green beans, other stuff, not so much.

  • Inga Nielsen
    Inga Nielsen

    Mashed Potatoes

    If you make yours with butter, cream, and milk you end up with a 400 calorie side dish. Top it with gravy and you could be adding around 200 calories more.

  • Robyn Mackenzie
    Robyn Mackenzie

    Apple Pie

    Nothing is more American than Apple Pie, sadly it helps you put on that overweight American figure. One slice is 400 calories, add whipped topping, bonus 200 calories for you. I usually eat half a pie myself.

  • MSPhotographic


    People make this one differently depending on what your family does. Let's just say the average is 200 calories for a small slice. Some homemade versions may use fatty ingredients like bacon, butter, and buttermilk jacking up the calories even more

  • R Rob M Ferguson
    R Rob M Ferguson

    Mac and Cheese

    Every kid's favorite meal is sadly packing on the pounds as well. Your average serving can sometimes be a whopping 1,000 calories. Time for some crunches after dinner.

  • Joel Carillet
    Joel Carillet

    Canned Cranberry Sauce

    The thing I hate most at Thanksgiving. Does anybody even like this stuff? It's always on the table with one scoop taken out of it. It's not that bad on the calories, but some cans do use high fructose corn syrup. That will add a lot of sugar to your meal.

  • Bryan Rhodes
    Bryan Rhodes

    Sweet Potato Casserole

    This one we all knew was bad for us. Brown sugar, marshmallow topping, a lot of butter and cream. 450 calories for just one serving.

  • Robyn Mackenzie
    Robyn Mackenzie

    Packaged Gravy

    Judge me, I hate gravy. I guess not being from the South has something to do with it, but it's not for me. The packaged versions are not overwhelming on the calories, but they do have a lot of preservatives in them that you don't need.

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