Kourtney Craig was sentenced today to 10 years in prison for credit card abuse after using another person's credit card to buy season passes at Castaway Cove.

Craig failed to appear in court Monday for her trial and was subsequently arrested and brought to trial Tuesday with the added charge of bail jumping. Craig claimed that she wasn't aware of her trial date and had been in the emergency room the whole morning, an excuse Judge Barney Fudge dismissed and ordered Craig to be held without bail.

Craig was arrested in September after taking the credit card of a customer from the radiator shop where she worked and buying season passes for her and her son to Castaway Cove. This marks Craig's fourth felony conviction, having previously been convicted of other charges including forgery and assaulting an officer. Craig claims her issues stem from her addiction to meth.

KFDX reports that Reginald Wilson, Craig's court appointed attorney, had filed a motion on Tuesday to be removed from the case, saying Craig wanted him removed. Craig went against her attorney's suggestion and turned down a plea bargain for the credit card abuse charge. Wilson argued that an extended prison sentence would be harmful for Craig's children, but prosecutors argued that Craig's priority is conning people, not her children.

After pleading guilty, jurors quickly handed down the maximum 10-year sentence, but declined the accompanying $10,000 fine.

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