They say that couples who "sweat together, stay together," but that might not always be the case.

On Reddit, a woman claims her boyfriend is giving her the silent treatment after she high-fived another woman at the gym who humiliated the man following a climbing workout.

Now, her "competitive" boyfriend feels betrayed.

"My bf and I go to the climbing gym regularly. He is really into it, and I just started climbing a few times a week. He's stupidly competitive about it and quietly insults beginners. Which makes me feel self-conscious because I'm a beginner," the woman wrote in her post.

During a recent trip to the gym, the woman's boyfriend, as well as a few other gym members, tried one of the new rock climbing grades, but "they were all failing" the tough new course. That is, until a woman stepped forward and conquered it.

"Then a girl came and flashed it. She made it so easy, but at the end, she didn't hold the final hold for 5 seconds, and my bf called her out after she was done," she wrote, clarifying that the "right way" to complete a course is to hold the last pose.

"She was doing it so easily. She definitely could have," she added, explaining she was impressed by the climber and gave her a high five.

"She was walking towards me and did amazing at the problem (and knocked my bf off his high horse) ... My bf turned to me and gave me a WTF look," the woman shared, adding he wouldn't speak to her for the rest of the night.

On their way home, the woman's boyfriend "ranted that I couldn't be trusted to watch his back if I chose to take a stranger's side over him." Now, she's wondering if she was unfair to her partner or if he's blowing things out of proportions.

In the comments section, Reddit users backed questioned the woman's relationship.

"He was being petty, jealous, and a bit sexist calling her out," one user commented.

"Yeah, dude, sounds like an incredibly basic bro. That's some seriously fragile ego on display. I'm sure when he isn't insulting people who he views as inferior, he's a real sweetheart," another chimed in.

"You might want to ask yourself if you want to be with a guy like this," someone else wrote.

"Let's not forget that he likes to talk s--t on everyone not as good as him. The man sounds like he has more ego than brains," another commented.

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