I sure hope this was staged. Otherwise, this dude is going to be scarred for life.

But a lot of people commenting on the video are convinced that it was, in fact, staged. I’m admittedly pretty naïve, so I believed it was the real deal when I first saw the video, prior to reading the comments.

But my thing is that if it was staged, why? What would anyone have to gain from putting a fake busted proposal on the jumbotron? I guess the actors could gain a few bucks for faking it, but is it worth it to sit there in shame for the rest of the game?

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Or maybe the guy let the cat out of the bag that the whole thing was a sham so the people around him wouldn’t shower him with sympathy for the rest of the game. Who knows?

But if the whole thing turns out to be legit, that has to be a hard pill to swallow.

My question for the guy would be why in the hell did he propose right there in front of God and everybody unless he were 100% sure she would say yes? And maybe she would’ve said yes if he didn’t choose to propose in such a public manner.

Whatever the case may be, these two aren’t going to be tying the knot any time soon.

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