As a Christian, I cannot imagine what anyone would find offensive about the display of a cross.  And large lighted crosses are no exception, at least to me.  One has been on display just off Seymour Highway for years now.  I've never heard anyone complain about it.  And I doubt the individual who put it there would care if they did.  Anyone who knows me knows where I stand:  America IS a Christian nation who's founders crafted our Constitution on Christian principles, teachings and philosophy.  Period.  Now granted, sometimes people do get carried away.  Some people complain about such displays declaring they find it offensive.  Like I said, we are a Christian nation.  I would not even consider going to Jerusalem and arguing that I find the Star of David offensive, nor would I mount the same argument against Islamic symbols in an Arab country.  Why?  Because you should expect to see those things in countries where those respective religions are predominant!  Common sense, yes?  And, as the heading states, you, nor I, have a right to not be offended.  Every last one of us will see something, somewhere at sometime that we will find offensive.  My response is to remove myself from the offending object/area/place, whatever.  Likewise, in the USA, you will find lots of Christian symbols around and many of those are crosses.  Deal with it, I say.  That having been said, I will say the following: Sometimes people do things out of spite, rather than pure conviction.  Would I construct a 25-foot cross on my property?  Probably not.  I'm too lazy.  Does that make me less of a Christian?  No.  Is someone who does this, in spite of man's law  guilty of anything other than violating an ordinance?  One man in Pennsylvania is in a stand-off with neighbors and city officials over this very thing.

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