We complain about Christmas getting omitted from so much of our society today, but apparently, in jolly ole England, the disease of political correctness has taken some disturbing secular turns where Jesus is concerned.  We've heard tales of nativity scenes being banned or altered here in America, but this is just insane.

Kevin Olson of Education Action Group reports at EAGNews.org that the King of Kings is being booted from the scenes and replaced by, among other images, the King of Rock and Roll.  Yes, images of Elvis have replaced Jesus in an apparent effort to appease anti-Christian individuals and groups.

I have nothing against Elvis, but based on what I’ve read and heard about the late Presley (who was a Christian, in case you didn’t know); even he would be all shook up about this nonsense.    The British publication The Telegraph reports, according to Olson:

Christianity is being banished from school nativity plays as the annual performance of the Christmas story is replaced with bland “winter celebrations”, research among parents suggests.

Even in schools which retain religious themes, most now opt for a modernized version of the nativity story, often featuring elaborate twists and children dressed as unlikely additions such as punk fairies, aliens, Elvis, lobsters, spacemen and even recycling bins.

Examples cited in the survey conducted by Netmums, the parenting website, even included a retelling of the story modeled on The Apprentice. Others told of children dressed as ingredients in a Christmas lunch including carrots, sprouts and – confusingly – pumpkins.

Schools right here in North Texas have been caught in recent years referring to the traditional Christmas break as a ‘winter break’ or ‘holiday break’ on the marquee’s outside some school buildings.  This is, of course, nothing more than pitiful pandering to a minority of individuals and groups who might stand in opposition to the word ‘Christmas’.  As I stated last week, if you’re offended by ‘Merry Christmas’, it’s simply too bad.  You wouldn’t dare go into Saudi Arabia and demand they refrain from references to Islam in order to not offend you.  You’d be booted from the country at the very least and probably much worse.  To ignore the influences of Judeo-Christian principles on our republic and the origins of Christmas itself is just stupid.  Give it a rest.

In England, some local governments are going so far as to try and ban Christmas programs in schools over ‘safety concerns’ about chairs, curtains, etc..,.  All of that is, of course, just a back door method of pushing Christmas out as officials continually to capitulate.

As secularism, Islam and atheism continue to chip away at our Christian roots, its only a matter of time before the practice is even more wide spread in America, too.  By the way, Islam is now the second largest religion in the UK.  In the words of the late Paul Harvey, now you know the rest of the story.

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