So…maybe your new to Wichita Falls? Maybe you just don’t know the area too well. Maybe your looking for a break from the norm and want to have a little fun with some other singles that feel, shall I say a little lonely too?  That may be a bit rash, but hey were all in this race together and sometimes its to far and between that we bump into other singles looking for the same!  What ever you’re into, a night out on the town, some place were you can share your intellect or interests, or maybe just some common ground for good conversation, Wichita Falls has a little for everybody!  Being a “single” myself Ive got your back on the hippest spots around The Falls, and I will share some of these spots with ya. Sit back and take a gander at my top 5 places!

First and foremost, Wichita Falls is a town that likes its booze, and so do we, right?  Wichita’s newest and hottest “honky tonk”, D&D offers a singles paradise. Cold drinks, beautiful women( and guys for all you gals) and the best in country music and red dirt! With a mainstream artist taking stage at D&D nearly every weekend, Ill bet you’ll be aching to break out  ’chur boots and cut a rug. Definitely a favorite among the local college crowd, and even has a good atmosphere for the more mature crowd. D&D has everything a dance joint is suposed to offer and more than A LOT of fun to be had so it gets a top spot on the list! You can check out more on the Denim and Diamonds website.

Ok, so maybe the country scene is not for your drinking and partying needs; but if you’re still looking for a good time in Wichita and a cool place to meet singles, Stage West has been a staple in The Falls for….forever, it seems! Stage has got a great mix of tunes, playing everything from hip-hop, to rock, and even some techno on occasion. Its got more of a club vibe than your favorite watering hole. And did I mention incredibly cheap drinks?  Every Thurs. is college night with .50 cent well drinks and shots, .75 cent domestic beer, & $1.00 mini-blasters till 11! Also Famous for their WET T-SHIRT contests, Stage West never disapoints when it comes having a blast! You can even crack some felt at there adjoined pool hall, West End. Definitely worth a visit especially on Thursdays around Midnight! Learn more on the Stage West Facebook page

College Life rules! I wouldnt know first hand, but Ive been around Wichita Falls enough to know to the local university pretty well!  A few of my old flames attended MSU, and it is a GREAT place to meet other singles in pursuit of higher education and a life free of all the debauchery. Well to an extent – Haha! Offering multiple courses and degrees,as well as the typical college experience, MSU is graced with ALL walks of life and the students there have a lot to offer and knowledge to give as well as receive! Great opportunities to mingle and Ive personally know a few buds who have met there spouses there. If your attending, branch out and get to know your classmates! Learn more about MSU campus life on the MSU Greeks Facebook page.

All of us who have a pooch – or pooches; and have a very soft spot for them, and that seems to instill a sensitive quality is us all! I have been to many Dog Parks around Texas and not only is it a good place for dogs to meet it is an awesome place for singles to come together with a common interest! Wichita Falls has just announced its grand opening for the Lake Wichita Dog Park coming Mon. May 16th – SAAAAWEEETT! I know I’m not the only one looking forward to this! I love to take my Tankers for a stroll and it will be great to see who all feels the same! Never thought in a million, bajillion years I would be quoting a “chick flick” but to all the single ladies out there, MUST LOVE DOGS! I’m excited and if you want to know more than check out the Wichita Falls Dog Park Facebook page.

Your body is a temple, and some people tend to strive for the grand temple! If getting your lift on is your idea of a good time, rest assured your not the only one. Ive been a frequent member to Powerhouse on and off  for the last few years, not as much as I should, but it is a mad house for singles looking to stay in shape and looking good for potential callers. With its wide variety of workout machines and programs, such as Zoomba and Spin classes, its a great place to work on a healthy lifestyle and to meet other doing the same. Shed off those winter pounds and make some new friends today! Check out the Powerhouse Gym Website for rates and membership info.

Well I hope this helps all you singles around The Falls in your search for a new friend, mate or even spouse? If none of these strikes your bell, you can always go the old fashioned route and scope out the local grocery store or you can always try Church - Ha ha!!  =)

Keep the list going below in the comments section with your favorite places to meet people in Wichita Falls.