That convertible you were looking at isn’t nearly as cool as this.

If you really want to wow people with your vehicle, a custom coffin car has been placed for sale on Craigslist. It’s selling for $1,500 and comes complete with creepy lights, spider web accents, and chrome wheels. It’s perfect for Halloween, going to the gas station to get a Snickers bar, or simply making your friends jealous.

No reason is given as to why the seller has placed the item up for sale, but the description reads:

I have for sale a Custom Coffin Car. It is built on a cub car chassis. See pictures. Runs and drives great, and chrome wheels. $1500. OBO.

If you’re thinking of purchasing the unique vehicle, you’ll have to head to Bardstown, KY to pick it up. Is this something that you would drive around in?