I was watching a local newscast last night and a couple of folks were interviewed about the shutdown.  The basic theme of the story was that Texoman's were already feeling the effects of the shutdown.  Really?  You've been furloughed for two days and you're already feeling the effects?  Surely you jest?

By my count, the federal government has shut down 17 times since the Carter administration.  According to published reports, 800,000 'non-essential' government employees have been furloughed.  If they're non-essential, why are they employed in the first place?

Right now, there are more guards on duty at the WWII memorial in Washington than were on duty in Benghazi.  Why?  To keep a bunch of Honor Flight vets away from THEIR memorial!  This is a sin and a shame on a level that defies logic.  My advice to the 'officials' in DC: you'd better keep your hands off those 85 plus year-old vets.  Only jack-booted thugs would dare to manhandle those heroes.  I hope you know better.

Have you had enough?  Educate yourself.  It is the Marxist, progressive movement in this country that is bringing us down, bit by bit.  And it's not just the Democratic Party that is involved; there are plenty of GOP members who are complicit as well.  John Boehner and John McCain are, in my estimation, just as dangerous to our republic as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Educate yourself.  Put down the Kool Aid, take off the blinders, turn off 'Teen Mom' and 'Honey Boo Boo' and get engaged in the discussion!

The shutdown will pass, the furloughed federal workers, all 800,000 non-essential of them will ultimately go back to work (with back pay, I might add) and, if you sit by and remain silent and do nothing, this will happen again.  We are $16 trillion dollars in debt with a fiat currency and financial market filled with Federal Reserve hot air.  Is the shutdown as bad as we have been led to believe?  No.  It's the rest of it you'd better worry about.

The video below reportedly shows people protesting the shutdown.  One protester admits that he is not really a furloughed federal employee.  You have to see to believe.