Let's face it, not everyone likes to cook...especially a big Thanksgiving dinner! It's a lot of work plus you have dishes to clean up afterward. Well this Thanksgiving forget the spatula, or whatever you use to cook a turkey, and hop in the car and let one of these restaurants do all the cooking for you!

  • TGS Cupcakery

    TGS Cupcakery on Kemp across from McDonald's serves not only sweets, but also some of the best home-style comfort food you'll find in Wichita Falls. They will be serving a Thanksgiving meal from 11am-2pm on Thursday. Turkey, Ham, all the fixings, chocolate, pumpkin, and pecan pie while they last. They will open at 7am in case you want to start the day off with some coffee or dessert. Kitchen closes at 1:45 pm.

    TGS Cupcakery Fried Turkey
  • Pioneer of Texas on Maplewood

    A favorite among native Wichitans, Pioneer of Texas on Maplewood will be open from 10am - 4pm. You can dine in for a special thanksgiving dinner, or you can order a meal that feeds 10-12.

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  • Luby's Cafeteria

    Serving Wichita Falls since 1951, the only independently owned Luby's Cafeteria will be open 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving day.

    Luby's Wichita Falls
  • Cracker Barrel

    Traditionally, Cracker Barrel is always open on Thanksgiving from 6am-10pm, serving up good old fashioned cooking. They start serving their Thanksgiving meal around 10am, which includes turkey, ham, and a feast of trimmings. Even grandma will be happy with this choice!

    Flickr user FredMikeRudy
  • Golden Corral

    Nothing says "Thanksgiving" like a buffet at Golden Coral! They'll be open from 11am-4pm and will offer all normal menu items as well as a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Plus getting up to go to the buffet gives you opportunities to excuse yourself of long boring family stories!

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  • Applebee’s

  • Denny's

    When is Denny's not open? They never let us down for any meal and they definitely won't for Thanksgiving! Let's hope they will be flippin' some pumpkin pancakes come November! Click here to view their holiday menu.

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  • Starbucks

    A good idea for our less carnivorous and more sweet toothed friends for a yummy Thanksgiving is Starbucks! A warm spiced pumpkin latte with a loaf of pumpkin bread or a pumpkin cream cheese muffin sounds delicious not to mention it's probably lighter than a lot of other options for Thanksgiving!

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  • Domino's

    What's the perfect meal when you don't want to cook? Pizza! Domino's will have their location on Burkburnett Rd open from 3pm - 9pm and can deliver to all parts of town.

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  • Buffalo Wild Wings

    Football on the TV, hot wings on your plate, and a cold beer. That's always a winning combination. Who need's turkey? BWW will be open from 3pm - midnight.


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  • IHOP

    Not only will they be open their regular hours, but they are also offering a $5 coupon for a future visit with any purchase of a $25 gift card.

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