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Some say it looks reptilian, the tortilla company has an explanation for it.

Most of the time, when someone finds something in their tortilla, it's the face of Jesus. Everyone is shocked by it and people flock to go see it.

This particular tortilla revelation had the news crew of KWTV in Oklahoma flocking to the break room. Producer Matthew Nuttle was going to make a quesadilla for lunch the other day when he saw something strange.

Matthew grabbed a bag of tortillas from Ole Mexican Foods and inside he found a tortilla with a little something extra. According to Matthew, it looks like the body of a lizard. The tortilla company came down with a statement saying, "Based on the picture ... we can conclude that a piece of dry dough from the previous production run was somehow released from the production line and packed all together with the fresh tortillas."

I agree with Matt, looks like a reptile to me. Ole Mexican Foods says it will send Matthew a prepaid envelope to send the tortilla package to Georgia for an independent inspection.

So I guess be on the lookout for animals or old dough in your tortilla.