On Friday, protesters aligned with Occupy Wall Street had a stand-off with campus police at the University of California-Davis. They'd been warned to leave the area, but about 50 protesters sat down in a circle and stayed.

And there's footage of a cop walking up to them and unloading on them with pepper spray about a foot from their faces.  He and another cop have now been put on administrative leave.

After the video hit YouTube, the school's chancellor, Linda Katehi, held a press conference.  But she didn't let students into it, so they protested outside the building.  Katehi was so intimidated by the protesters, she didn't leave the building for three hours.

There were still hundreds of protesters outside when she finally did.  But they stayed completely silent while she walked to her car.

Watch the footage of the Students being pepper Sprayed:

Watch as Chancellor Katehi walks to her car in silence: