Traffic was backed up on Kell East Blvd for at least a mile this afternoon after three vehicles collided on the highway.

The accident occurred across from Lowes around 4:00 pm when a small maroon Buick SUV rear ended a white pickup truck as they were traveling down the center lane of Kell.

According to police, the collision caused the driver of the truck to lose control of the vehicle and slide over into the left lane where it was then side-swiped by a small silver Mazda SUV. The Mazda managed to take out the entire back axle of the pickup truck.

Several ambulances were on the scene, however, police say no one involved in the accident was taken to the hospital and no injuries were reported.

At least one lane of traffic on Kell East was still closed at 4:30 this afternoon with traffic backed up all the way past McNeil.