Rising gas prices, rising taxes and declining incomes have combined to make life challenging, to say the least, for many Americans.  Even people who supported Obama in the November elections are starting to feel the pinch of the administrations push for higher taxes, higher spending and punitive measures against the energy industry that are only going to drive gas and diesel prices even higher.

During tonight’s State of the Union address (8pm CST), President Obama is expected to focus on three key ‘issues’:

Higher taxes

No spending cuts

Gun control

Despite the poisonous economic climate that our nation is in, this administration has chosen to double down on efforts to bring back the so-called assault weapons ban and more sweeping gun control legislation.    It’s the hot-button issue of the day and Obama and far-leftists seem hell bent on milking it for all that can be gained, especially the distraction from the real issues at hand-the economy and the stagnant jobs market.

A former Secret Service agent addressed a group in Annapolis, MD on what the ‘gun control’ issue is really all about.