This video, or variations of it, have been making the rounds on YouTube and Facebook for some time.  I question whether people can truly understand the depth to which our government has dug the holes we find ourselves in.  I’m not just talking about the financial hole.  I’m talking about the social, moral, ethical, financial and diplomatic holes we’ve dug for ourselves.

One reason we find ourselves so deeply mired in bureaucratic nonsense is the cry to government to run in and save the day.  Every time, it seems, that we find ourselves faced with a social or financial hill to climb, we call upon government to do something, anything, to right wrongs, level the playing field, etc..,.  And what we now have as a result is layer upon layer upon layer of bureaucracy, devoid of common sense, drunk with power and constantly craving more.  In the words of Ronald Reagan-“Government is like a baby; an alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.”