Last August, Kristin Brazil stormed out of the Justice of The Peace courtroom in Wichita Falls, after she was angry with Judge Robert Woodruff’s ruling.  In fact, she was so enraged that she allegedly, slammed a door so hard that it caused visible damage in the courthouse.

According to KFDX, after the clerk handed over her papers Brazil stood up quickly and walked out very briskly before using both hands to push open the door.  She pushed the door so hard, that when it swung open and slammed into the wall, and even punched a hole into the wall.

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After witnessing her open the door with such force, Judge Woodruff demanded Brazil to turn around and return to the court room.  However, she ignored the judge and went along her way.  The deputies searched the entire area for her, but were unable to find her.  Little did Brazil know, that she wasn’t going to get away with her alleged actions.

Wichita County Jail
Wichita County Jail

In September, a warrant was issued for Brazil’s arrest but, law enforcement couldn’t locate her.  Deputies contacted Brazil’s former landlord who provided them with information on where she might have moved to.  Eventually Judge Woodruff was able to track her down, several months after the original incident.  Last week, Brazil was taken into police custody, and charged with one count of criminal mischief.

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