If you steal someone’s car you’ll eventually be caught, even if the vehicle’s owner is behind bars.   Well, one Wichita Falls women thought that she could get herself a free Jeep, after its driver was arrested.

Last February the Jeep’s owner was arrested.  Sara Fanchier saw this as a perfect opportunity to get herself a new car.  I guess that she thought that since the Jeep's driver was behind bars, he couldn’t stop her from stealing the vehicle.   When the owner’s wife noticed that the Jeep was missing, she texted Fanchier and asked her to return the vehicle.

Law enforcement later contacted Fanchier, and asked her about the whereabouts of the vehicle.  According to KFDX, Fanchier then admitted to taking the Jeep, and even told the police that she thought it was a good idea to take the automobile, since her friend had been arrested.  Fanchier initially refused to tell them where the Jeep was located.  She said that the vehicle was being “worked on”, and didn’t want those who were servicing the Jeep to get into trouble.

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On March 16th, the owner’s wife reported the vehicle stolen.  Once Fanchier was informed told that the Jeep was listed as a stolen vehicle, she told police that she didn’t even know where it was located, but would find out where it was.

After numerous ignored calls to Fanchier, police were finally able to get ahold of her once again.  She then informed police that the Jeep was located at the 5300 block of Summit Drive.  Police were then able to find the stolen vehicle at the address that Fanchier provided them, and returned the vehicle to its owner.

Wichita County Jail
Wichita County Jail

Earlier this week, Wichita Falls police arrested Fanchier, and charged her with theft of over $30,000 for allegedly stealing her friend’s Jeep.   Fanchier has actutally been arrested multiple times.  In fact, she has been taken into custody 18 different times since her first arrest in 2005.  She’s also faced multiple charges over the years including burglary, and receiving stolen property.

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