Everyone was worried about Jason Voorhees getting them on Friday. What we should have been worried about was some aliens.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Strange Sighting Over Wichita Falls

Pretty standard Friday the 13th for me. Watched a bunch of Jason movies and got drunk. Not a bad way to spend the spooky holiday in October. However what I should have been doing is taking a look to the stars on Friday because someone in Wichita Falls claims something weird was in the sky.

Shoutout to Barry Levy for Capturing the Video

Barry uploaded the video below to YouTube with the following caption. "This flew over Wichita Falls at about 7:30pm on Friday, Oct., 13th, 2023. It was a bright ball of light surrounded by a ring of light or gas, at about 1000 feet, flying straight and level from north to South, and had absolutely no sound at all. It was not Starlink and it was not the launch of a rocket. I have flown on helicopters hundreds of times, biplanes, Air Force planes, and private aircraft at night and day for over 40 years and I have never seen anything like this. Maybe someone knows what it was."

Watch the Alleged UFO Below

Now Barry in his YouTube caption claims it was not Starlink. Which is the satellites that Elon Musk operates with SpaceX...well Barry...it might be Starlink. At 7PM on Friday the 13th, SpaceX launched 22 Starlink satellites into orbit. It is possible that it could be one of them that you're seeing, but as always...


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